KK Vietnam provides the most reliable and cheapest car rental service in Vietnam. Service prices are cheaper than traditional taxis and technology taxis. If you go long distance, the price is only 60% of the taxi price.

The rental car services we are serving are: Airport Pick-up Car Service, Tour Car Rental Service, Business Car Service. Here are the price lists of our services:


About KK Vietnam

Hello!I'm Alex, is the founder of KK Vietnam. Welcome to you and i'm very happy to introduce our service.

KK Vietnam is a professional organization in transporting passengers by car in Vietnam.

The combination of traditional service and technology

The purpose of KK Vietnam is to create a GUARANTEED and CHEAP car booking service for foreigners in Vietnam.

KK Vietnam combines traditional car rental services and technology to provide customers with the best services, from medium to high-end and super-luxury services. We maintain the traditional method of customer booking service and apply technology in the internal coordination of the car system.

Asset holding organization

Drivers in our company have capital shares. With each car, KK Vietnam Company contributes 30% of the capital and the driver contributes 70% of the capital. Currently, KK Vietnam has over 100 cars in daily operation in Vietnam.

High quality service and cheap price

With the above organizational structure, KK Vietnam creates a service with many advantages compared to traditional car rental services and technology car rental services. This advantage is very beneficial for customers who need a guaranteed car rental service at a low cost, and even better if you are a foreigner coming or living in Vietnam.

Those advantages are:

KK Vietnam service quality is better

KK Vietnam is better than both traditional service and technology:  The driver, basically, with a larger stake in each car driven by himself, he is the owner and serving for service and direct customers yourself. Therefore, the car and the driver's service attitude are voluntary and sincere, combined with the mandatory quality standards issued by KK Vietnam, so our service is always at the best quality. This is the most important basis for KK Vietnam to bring great experiences on every trip.

KK Vietnam provides a more secure service

Imagine, your trip event is very important, or you are a foreigner coming to Vietnam, the most reassuring thing for you on the day of departure is guaranteed with car pick-up, or when your plane lands, you also need to be sure that someone will pick you up at the lobby and take you to where you need to go. KK Vietnam is different from technology car rental services, we use humans to confirm each country of the car that customers order, so you can rest assured that we will be there on time.

KK Vietnam has a cheaper service price

At KK Vietnam, we build quality and price standards internally. In the standard price bracket, from floor to ceiling, drivers have to compete on service prices to receive more cars from the KK Vietnam operation center. This is the core reason for KK Vietnam to have very competitive service prices.

KK Vietnam serves a variety of cars

From medium to high-class and super-luxury; from 5, 7 seats car to multi-seats car. Technology car rental service cannot accommodate this request.

With all the above reasons, KK Vietnam is the cheapest and quality option for your journey in Vietnam.