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Airports and airlines in Vietnam stop checking baggage at the domestic exit

Posted August 30, 2022 10:41 pm

Vietnam airports and airlines will stop checking baggage at the exit of Vietnam domestic flights.

According to the information received by KK Vietnam, after covid-19 and holidays, the number of passengers traveling by plane suddenly increased, Tan Son Nhat and Noi Bai airpot were always congested.

On National Day on September 2, 2022, airlines have coordinated with airports to stop checking baggage at the exits. This is likely to be a final and permanent decision.

Carefully manage your own luggage

After this decision, passengers will have to manage their luggage more closely in the baggage carousel island area and also carry-on luggage in the cabin.

Use name tag to identify

In order to easily identify checked baggage, customers should personalize their luggage in different ways, the most common being the use of luggage tags (name-tags). The flight number, name, address and phone number should be written on it.This not only has the effect of identifying luggage but is important when lost, security officers can check it visually, a surveillance camera system is easy to identify by description, and a baggage tracking system. Loss is easy to identify and respond to baggage information.

Name tags are currently sold very popular in the market, on online shops. You can also print stickers on your luggage, or wear a colored band to identify the package yourself.

Lost luggage counter

At A, B, the domestic isolation area, there are 3 lost luggage counters including Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air and Bamboo Airways; In lobby E, there are 2 lost baggage counters of Vietjet Air and Pacific Airlines.

KK Vietnam does not increase service prices

Information from the flight operator told KK Vietnam, Tan Son Nhat airport, from August 30 to September 2 this year, there are about 1300 flights taking off and landing every day, at Noi Bai airport about 600 trip.

The number of visitors increased sharply, but KK Vietnam did not increase the price of airport car services. Have you booked the car at the right price Pricing Pick-up Car Service at Noi Bai Airport, Ha Noi, Vietnam.

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